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Облицовки за блиндирани врати

rivestimenti 2011

You are just about to discover the richest collection of panelling for security doors ever seen before. A vast range of proposals to satisfy any desire, design and living need. Dierre will guide you in the choice of your ideal panelling, through an initial subdivision of the various models based on the structure and the materials that distinguish them.


It is very important to choose the panelling that is more in keep with each individual need, taking into consideration not only the style, colour and type of finish, but also the type of weathering agents the door will be exposed to. For any other information of clarification ask your Dierre dealer.

Abbiamo suddiviso la nostra gamma di rivestimenti in due grandi macrofamiglie utili a indirizzarti nella scelta del corretto pannello da rivestimento per gli interni o per gli esterni.

What follows is the legend, present in each catalogue, about the exposure to weather conditions:


These panels can be installed in areas that are exposed to intense sunlight, salinity, rain and frost.


These panels can be installed in areas that are exposed to moderate sunlight, salinity, rain and frost: annual maintenance is required.


Only recommended when away from direct sunlight and rain (under porches, covered structures or covers that are at least one meter deep)


Exposure to any atmospheric agent is not recommended: ideal for condominium lobbies and landings.