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Founded in 1975, Dierre is the leading company in the world in the production of armoured doors and leader in Italy in the production and sale of interiors doors and doors for external application.

Making always technologically innovative products, combining security and design in a wide range of doors and fittings suitable to any furnishing style and custom oriented, is the objective pursued since the creation of the company. Producing forefront products also means being innovative in terms of industrial processes.

The Dierre Group has always been investing considerable resources in production and this has enabled them to qualify themselves as the technologically most advanced company in the field. Moreover, to succeed in combining production standardisation with the utmost customisation required by the market, Dierre relies on software, on exclusively designed processes and technology, paying great attention to the respect of the environment.

The product designer falls within this context: a software designed exclusively for Dierre that manages and standardises every new order and enters it in a general data base that can be consulted from all over the world, by every dealer, in order to be able to answer the customers in real time. The product designer allows the dealers to follow the processing of their orders step by step, from their issue to the product delivery and installation.

A further progress, so as to make the most advanced technology available for daily use, to industrialise also special products and make them user-friendly, to respond the needs of every single customer all over the world.

Every  year our plants produce:
  • 200,000 security doors
  • 110,000 sub-frames for hide-away doors
  • 80,000 external doors
  • 90,000 fire proof doors
  • 45,000 multipurpose doors 
  • 10,000 security shutters
  • 25,000 garage doors
  • 300,000 locks and safes
Leading figures.

The pride of the company are the Dierre Partner, a network of carefully selected dealers which guarantee high quality of service, competence and attention to the customer.

The strategic alliance is completed through the network of the hardware stores Dierre Key Point and Dierre Technical Service for technical assistance.

Ongoing research and innovation capabilities have led to several registered patents, amongst which to be remembered.
  • "Mia" the lock with interchangeable block [1986];
  • "Anthea" the armoured shutter [1989];
  • "Space" the hide-away closure system for sliding doors [1991];
  • "Elettra" the motorised electronic lock [1995];
  • the "D-Code" lock [1996];
  • the hide-away hinge [2006].

In 2009 Dierre and Casaclima became partner to achieve wellness and saving.
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