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main_clubIdeal for application in normal sized locations typical of a single leaf door and uses the same lock as its more elegant sister Polilux.
It is a galvanised single sheet metal door with ventilation slots integrated into the door leaf. A practical solution for cellars and storerooms, commercial and private activities. Valued by large retailers for its practical stocking, thanks to the single opening hand, for its single sheet metal structure with ventilation slots as standard and reinforcing metal ribs that give the door rigidity and ease of movement. The “ventilation slots” ensure the circulation of air in rooms that are normally closed. Thanks to its practical reversibility, application is simple and universal due to the single opening hand that is decided upon after the frame has been fitted. Three sided brick-in or bolted frame, with or without frame seal, change of opening hand that can be performed after the frame has been fitted by simply unscrewing the leaf, rotating it through 180° and securing it again on the opposite jamb. Available in handle/handle version or with vacant/occupied. Practical and economical, Club can be fitted on any type of wall. Standard sizes only.

Non-certified multipurpose door, standard accessories and technical characteristics as of our production. Unpainted galvanised frame on three sides, 2 leafed hinges, fixing by means of frame ties.
Unpainted galvanised single sheet metal leaf with ventilation grills, mortise type lock with single locking point cylinder, handles on black resin plaque.
Internal installation not exposed to the sun and/or rain on any type of wall, reversible opening. Door thickness 40 mm, door + frame thickness = 70 mm. 
Options: vacant/occupied lock, available in standard sizes only.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 March 2010 17:24