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Where security is needed Dierre can’t be left out.

Hotels and public buildings. Guaranteeing a maximum level of fire protection in these places is more than ever necessary as well as creating a pleasing, nurtured and functional setting. The Opera fire-door has been created for just this. Its robust untouchable core – certified REI 30 and 60 in conformity with the UNI 9723 standard, also in the sound-proof version – has been created from a revolutionary system of devices and technology. It can be finished in whichever way you choose, to blend in with its surroundings and reflect your style. This is security that only an international leader such as Dierre can offer.

These are the cutting-edge characteristics, the in-depth study of each component that goes to make up the strength and protection of Opera doors.
Doors created to put you at ease in all circumstances and render your guests’ visit safe and enjoyable in every aspect.

Opera can be made in many different wood types, from the more traditional to that rarer and more precious, as well as with inlayed panels in many fine woods.
Opera can also be lacquered in any existing RAL colour.
The leaf can either be smooth, with applied mouldings, inlayed, carved or pantographed, also with personalised designs, varnished or natural.
The jambs can be requested in several sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14 cm, or greater.

There is also a wide choice of handle combinations, in bright brass or chrome, arranged for normal locks, anti-panic, electronic with magnetic card or with electronic strike.
The locks available in the price list are either normal or anti-panic, but on request any type of lock in the world can be applied on the Opera doors.

Opera is the first UNI 9723 fire-door with specific certificate for fitting to fire-proof plasterboard walls, as well as on brick walls.
An automatic mobile sill is fitted between the floor and the lower edge of the door, to protect against draughts, odours, fumes etc.

The sound-proof version is equipped with a particular internal insulation and a special highly sound-insulating mobile sill, able to guarantee absolute privacy and peace of mind.

Opera doors are varnished fully respecting the nature, using technologically advanced water-based products that represent the best response to aesthetic, performance and safeguard of the environment requirements.
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