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It is intended to banks, jewellery shops, art galleries and other public and private spaces that preserve precious items, D-Five Stars finds its ideal location also within institutional buildings, such as embassies and consulates, whose documentary heritage should be strictly protected.
Utter security and versatile style, D-Five Stars conceals its strength under an elegant and prestigious image that the extreme variety of proposed panelling can offer.


Approved in class 5 according to the strict ENV 1627 standards, D-Five Stars was designed and built to withstand break-in attempts carried out also with electric tools, thanks to a number of exclusive structural and functional features that determine safety and superior quality.


A special 6 millimeters steel plate ensures maximum safety and significantly contributes to characterise a solid and sturdy leaf, the weight of which reaches 150 kilograms. Improved strength and rigidity to the whole structure is given through the bodywork, inside which special vertical reinforcements are fixed.

Micron adjustable hinges
The hinges allow to adjust the door on the 3 axels.
Cold excluding sill
Protects from draughts of air and blades of light, returning automatically when the door opens.
Special grips
The grips fixed along the hinges side, with the door closed insert into the corresponding cavities on the frame, in order to prevent them from being pulled out.
Double Hook deviator
With an extremely innovative concept, the two deviators, controlled by the lock, insert into the frame and, making a 90° parallel rotation, anchor and firmly lock the door.

D-Five Stars: a unique, precious, highest grade security door. If the structure is its soul, the lock is its core. Available in the Elettra Detector and Hi-Fi variants that differ based on the locking system, D-Five Stars is the new star in the range of security endorsed by Dierre.

D-Five Stars most technologically sophisticated version. Elettra Detector is worked by an automatic electronic system with no keys, but instead the use of a microchip with a unique code, chosen amongst millions of billions of combinations that cannot be cloned, which allows the door to recognize each individual access. The liquid crystal display allows to display the interactive menu, through which the functions of the system can be easily set while the beam of light that the escutcheon produces illuminates the threshold thus easing the entry and exit in case of poor lighting.
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