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The protection for your nights
Security enlightens your dreams

The undisputed protagonist of security, always at the forefront in the research and development
of the most innovative protection systems, Dierre has reached with Silence a new and ambitious
goal: the protection of peace of mind, the most precious item for each individual. Intended in
particular for the bedroom, since often theft and housebreaking attempts happen at night, Silence
is an internal security door that combines the benefits of an external security closure system with the
unmistakable elegance of the Mood Wood collection for interiors.
Silence: so as for every night to be a really good night.

What are dreams made of?

Silence is a dream come true to protect your dreams. A dream made of advanced technologies, invincible materials, powerful structures. A dream made of creativity, research and peculiar and clever ideas down to the smallest detail. Silence, a dream that no one will be able to break.


With a thickness of 57 millimetres and three wrench-proof fixed grips, Silence is a real security door that preserves the elegance of an internal door unaltered. The core of the leaf made out of double sheet, certified burglar-proof in class 3 ENV1627, is equipped with mobile sill (draught excluding sill), which guarantees protection from draughts and light. The height of the handle, designed at 95 centimetres, might be altered to become symmetrical with the height of the handle of pre-existing doors.

Hide-away hinges
The hinges are not visible but hidden by the frame and the door itself. In addition, they are adjustable on the 3 axles and allow the leaf to open at 180°.
Perfectly flush to the wall, the frame is made with a special aluminium profile and can be bricked-in with the typical tie clamping or anchored to an existing wooden structure. In this case the housing which will disguise the frame with a geometry equal to the other doors will be made.

Lock the world out
Nobody unwanted can enter your space. Now Silence is there to protect it with its strength and lock impossible to open for those who do not have the keys. At least the keys to your heart.

The beauty of dreams
Safe, versatile, elegant and beautiful. With Silence the various aesthetic solutions are almost endless: many, as many as those proposed from the evocative and boundless Mood Wood for Interior collection. Silence. High technology and design, for a harmonious relationship between the different areas of the home.
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