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Alessandro and Vincenzo De Robertis set up their first company: C.S.A. S.a.s


Dierre was born. The first industrialised security door was launched on the market.


The turnover reached Euro 500,000.


The first plant was opened in Villanova, close to Turin, where the group still holds its headquarters today.


The plants became two, covering a surface of 5,100 square meters.


A new company specialised in the production of locks and safes was acquired. At the same time, the patent of the “Mia” lock with interchangeable block was acknowledged.


A new patent: Anthea, the security shutter for doors and French doors.


Dierre became a joint stock company: with a turnover of 48 billion lire (24 million euro), five plants, 250 employees and a production of 70,000 security doors per year. The range widened with Sentry, the door type with cylinder lock. The production of fireproof closure systems started.


Dierre re-interpreted the hide-away closure system for the Space sliding doors.


Dierre appeared on TV and on the Italian radio striking a record: for the first time an advertising campaign dealing with a security door was made.


The expansion abroad started, thanks to a local partnership. In Italy Dierre continued to be present on TV with the first TV promotion within a national TV program.


The employees reached almost 500 and the production exceeded 120,000 units per year. The new futuristic office building was opened in Villanova d’Asti and the first exclusive Dierre point of sale opened. Dierre was the first Italian company to obtain the Csi Cert certification for fireproof doors. The electronic lock Elettra was patented. In Italy the production of solid wood internal doors started. The expansion abroad carried on: Dierre entered the Spanish market thanks to a local partnership.


Dierre obtained the ISO 9001 certification. The patent for the electronic control lock D-Code was registered.


The sale of internal doors started. The expansion abroad carried on: Dierre entered the Portuguese market thanks to a local partnership.


The Dierre logo was redesigned, followed by the new slogan: Where your home begins. Production reached 160,000 units per year.


The turnover was approximately 198 billion lire (102 million Euro). The goal of 180,000 doors per year was met and the employees reached 750. The seventh plant in Villanova d’Asti started being built.


The Dierre logo changed. The new payoff became Your Home, Your Life.


Dierre Partner and Dierre Technical Service were conceived, two new projects aiming at improving the service and expanding the network in Italy.


The Dierre Group was established with the Dierre Holding company, entirely controlled by the De Robertis family.
The international actress Sharon Stone became the testimonial of the new Dierre advertising campaign.


The new “flush to the wall” door of the DSIDE line was conceived.


Energy saving products were conceived.
Andy Garcia became the testimonial of the new Dierre advertising campaign.


WALL SECURITY was conceived, the security door flush to the wall.


Dierre became partner of the CASACLIMA agency.

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