Dierre fire doors: choose the best for fire safety!

Fire doors provide a key contribution to fire safety in public environments: schools, cinemas and theatres, shops and shopping malls, hospitals as well as in hotels and condos.

Dierre fire doors advantages

A family of products Recommended by M.A.I.A. (Maintenance Technicians, Assemblers, Installers Associated)

 Products homologated for fire resistance, with the best performance on the market

Fire doors with resistant to burglary certification, to be safe from fire as well as from burglars

Products that combines safety and design with tailored solutions and custom trims

Tailored advice for designers, through the BIM Object platform or directly with our experts

Dierre Firesafe

Style and reliability without compromise

New Idra

New Idra is ideal for the needs of public and private buildings.

It's available in blind version, in glazed version and in anti-panic version, in a wide range of colours and sizes. New idra is the only product currently on the market that truly can claim to be M.A.I.A. awarded.

  • Highest quality materials, function, performance and durability
  • Excellent value for money
  • Match the homologated and with CE marked prototype, according to the current rules 
  • Very popular among professionals in the security and fire-fighting sector.



Visual is the glazed fire door line that can offer a unique vision on the outside. 

Ideal for the needs of hospitals, restaurants, offices and wherever there is a need for transparency. The modular profiles construction system allows maximum customization, even with finishes in coloured, textured glass, or glass with a satin finish.


New Sigla

Sigla is the Fire doors line in steel covered in wood.

The ideal solution for anyone who wants to combine fire protection to the unique charm of wood. New Sigla fire doors are available in a variety of types and decorations, with blind structure or in windowed version with fire protection glass, all in a wide range of colours.



Rolling is the line of sliding fire doors that minimizes the waste of useful surface.

The absence of extra space necessary for rotation limits, Rolling is ideal wherever there is a need for horizontal sliding doors, with the potential of becoming automated. Thanks to the modularity of the design, Rolling is configurable in different solutions to work with all types of walls.



Fire doors line dedicated to the hotels.

Opera was created to combine fire safety and design. It’s the ideal solution to ensure the safety of your hotel in accordance with European standard, with customized solutions.


Synergy-In Firecut EI60

The security door certified to be fire resistant for 60 minutes.

Synergy-In Firecut EI60 is fully equipped with security mechanisms. That makes it particularly suitable for both fire safety and protection against break-ins. It ensures best performance in thermal and acoustic insulation and it’s customizable with a wide range of accessories.


Dierre alongside designers thanks to

Dierre is on BIM Object with the new fire doors New Idra EI2 60 and EI2 120. Access the platform and download 3D models of the doors to insert in your project.

Download Dierre Firesafe Catalogue to receive all the technical informations