Dierre Tablet: the smart door for all tastes

Tablet is now here, the intelligent security door that combines the best of Dierre's security technologies, to suit all protection needs but also to facilitate door installation and maintenance.

Bespoke security

The Tablet security door can combine cylinder and double map locks, with independent closure systems and anti-burglary devices patented by Dierre to prevent any type of intrusion.

A mix of excellent features, at an affordable cost!

Tablet is the result of a unique technology allowing to achieve a blend of excellent performance, with a reduced thickness and at a reasonable cost. The particular internal structure to the double sheet body in fact ensures:

  • Resistance to burglary up to class 4 (class 3 Standard)
  • Standard thermal transmittance of 1.3 w/m2K
  • 40 dB of noise isolation

Swing Tablet, contemporary soul

And for those who have little space and want to further optimize it, here comes Swing Tablet! The Dierre security door with concealed hinges and opening to 110°.

Download the catalogue and request information on Tablet and Swing Tablet security doors!