The Company

For 45 years we have been creating projects that improve people's life making it simpler and safer.

Vincenzo De Robertis, President of Dierre


The world leader Italian brand in the production of security doors, Dierre distinguishes itself for the innovation of its products and its ability to develop simple solutions that make the use of the latest technologies really within the reach of everyone.

To produce always technologically innovative products, combine safety and design in a wide range of doors and windows adaptable to any decor and freely customisable, is the objective pursued since the company's creation. Produce cutting-edge products also means to be innovative in terms of industrial processes.

In addition, in order to manage to combine production standardisation with the maximum customization required by the market, Dierre relies on custom software, processes, and technology, with a great attention to the protection of and respect for the environment.

The product configurator falls within this context: a software designed for Dierre that manages and normalizes every new order, inserting it into a general database accessible from anywhere in the world, from every dealer, in order to be able to give an answer to customers in real time. Product Configurator allows retailers to follow the order trail step by step, from its issue to delivery of the product and its installation.

Dierre industrialises also the production of special products and brings the latest technology at the disposal of everyday life, making it simple to use, to respond to the needs of every customer in every part of the world.

Dierre is located in Italy, Poland, Germany, France and Spain, but its market is worldwide. Dierre Partner is the jewel of the company's crown, a network of retailers selected by Dierre that ensure high quality of service, competence and customer care. The network's strategic alliance is completed by the Dierre Key Point qualified hardware and Dierre Technical Service for technical assistance.


Return home. Close the door and finally feel isolated from the outside world. Feel that warmth that was missing for the entire day, that silence that brings us peace. Feel safe and secure.

This is the objective that Dierre has been pursuing every day for over 40 years, making products in line with new styles of life, which can be inserted in different architectonic contexts.

Dierre has helped transform the concept of security door, from a functional element to a complementary interior design element, from a barrier to the outside world to a symbol of style and personality.

Underpinning the corporate policy and culture lies the commitment of the De Robertis family and the enthusiasm of many people who have always looked ahead.

Here lies the pride of belonging to a cutting-edge group that seeks to meet the needs of people and anticipate the solutions.