Environmental and social commitment

Dierre strongly believes in the respect of nature and people. That is why it extends its environmental commitment through a series of concrete initiatives and productive choices, leading to a better future.


BIM Object is a software platform dedicated to the construction sector, a technology designed to share 3D graphical elements and the technical characteristics of objects. It can be applied to buildings, construction works in general and infrastructure. For 2017, Dierre planned the sharing of fire-protection products in BIM format, which can be used by designers, a first step for a leading company in the sector. Thereafter, conversion of the whole range Dierre into BIM objects is scheduled.


Developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), it contains a series of indicators for the sustainability of buildings, both from the point of view of energy and from the point of view of the consumption of all the environmental resources involved in the production process. Dierre's metal fire-protection products can contribute to the acquisition of points that contribute to the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).


The partnership with CasaClima has inspired a process of continuous innovation of the entrance door, leading to results such as the Synergy-Out Green and Green Plus doors, the first anti-condensation doors with CasaClima-certified PVC frame.
With these projects, Dierre, which has always had as its mission the improvement of the quality of life of people, demonstrated the fundamental contribution that doors can guarantee for health, energy saving and the reduction in the maintenance costs of houses.

Maia Association

Dierre's international experience in the fire-protection sector has made Dierre the privileged partner of large construction companies of global importance and in particular of the French State.
The objective today is to transfer this expertise also to Italy, where there is a strong demand for maintenance of the built heritage and where it is necessary to train competent operators. From here arises the partnership with MAIA (Italian Association specializing in the training of maintainers, assemblers, associated installers for fire safety), which consists in the organisation of training seminars at Dierre's premises and throughout Italy and with the free provision of Dierre’s fire-rated products.