Our figures

Dierre can count on 7 production plants in Italy and 2 in Europe in order to be a leader in the production of civil and industrial closures across the world.

In Italy and in the world

For over 40 years, more than 15,000,000 families in Italy and in the world have entrusted their security to Dierre.

Dierre was also a pioneer in the field of distribution and communication, thanks to a sales network already active in the 1980s, which contributed to extension of the brand across the entire Italian territory. Today it is a multinational company with a lean and communicative structure, a large family of 1000 people capable of maintaining a direct relationship with the private customer and with the retailer, from the choice of the product to post-sale service.

Dierre is an world ambassador of Made in Italy with a sales network that comprises:

5000 dealers

20 sales directors

100 sales agents