Our history

Founded in 1975, Dierre is the leading company in the world in the production of security doors and leader in Italy in the production and sale of internal doors and outside doors and windows.


Alessandro e Vincenzo De Robertis found their first company: C.S.A. S.a.S


Dierre is born and with it the first industrially manufactured security door is produced and sold.


Dierre is the first to acquire the revolutionary patent of the lock with interchangeable Mia block.


Dierre becomes a joint stock company: it has a turnover of 24 million Euros, 5 factories, 250 employees and a production of 70,000 security doors. Fusion with ATRA, Tredi, Wilab.


Space is born, the skip that disappears. A clever idea to recover visibility and functionality, which were limited until then.


Dierre starts its expansion abroad. Exclusivity trade agreements with the company are signed in France, Spain and Portugal, with the use of the trade mark.


Elettra is born, the progenitor of the family of security doors of security with motorised electric door lock.


The turnover is of around 102 million Euros. The target of 180,000 doors per year is exceeded, and the number of employees reaches 750. Construction begins of the seventh plant in Villanova d'Asti.


The marketing and the Dierre Partner projects are born, to elevate the B2C relations at the level of an ethical and commercial relationship Dierre Technical Service is born, aimed at improving the service and at strengthening the network of assistance in Italy.


Dierre Holding company is born, entirely owned by the De Robertis family.


The D-side collection is born, a family of internal doors flush with the wall.


The first products aimed at energy saving are born.


Wall Security is born, the security door perfectly coplanar to the walls, in total harmony with the surrounding space.


Dierre Spa becomes a partner of the CasaClima agency, an institution organised for the mandatory energy certification of buildings.


Dierre Deutschland is added to the group, controlled by Dierre France.


The Silence collection was born, internal security doors for bedrooms, and Synergy In, full options security door with minimum thickness. The Dierre Spa Group gains direct control of Dierre France and of Iberian Dierre.


Synergy Out is born, the first anti-condensation security door to be placed on the market.


Dierre joins the Fiditalia project to facilitate the purchase of Dierre products through the possibility of installments.


Tablet is born, the smart security door with great performance and low cost, and Swing, with concealed hinges capable of opening to 110°.


Dierre starts the Leed certification for fire rated products. In the year of the 2015 EXPO, Dierre celebrated its fortieth birthday, with an extraordinary presence at the Made in Milan.


Sleek is born, a double stop face security door and concealed hinges, with a free rotation of 180°. Today the President of Dierre S.p.A. is Vincenzo De Robertis.


Dierre presents Sleek at Architect@Work.


Committed to Italy's fire safety.
Steel fire door New Idra El2 60/120 obtained the "MAIA Recommended Product” label from the Association of Maintainers, assemblers and installers’ fire safety association. Dierre donated fire rated doors to several MAIA training centers throughout Italy.