Minimal: a Dierre flush to the wall project

Minimal is the Dierre collection of minimal flush to the wall doors, designed to create new spaces and to provide balance and harmony to the home.

The flush to the wall project has been created because minimalism is not only a way of thinking about our home, it is a way of life that relaxes, clears the mind and gives positive feelings.

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The space within us

The environment we live in can affect our mood.

When we need to focus we seek silence, but silence is not only about hearing, it also involves the sight.
With this in mind, organizing the spaces within our home is fundamental to give relevance to what is really essential, so that we can - calmly and consciously - better focus on ourselves and the present.

The inner essence comes out through the essentiality of spaces.

It is from this concept that we have created the collection of minimal flush to the wall doors, perfectly coplanar to the wall. Practical, clever, functional solutions to turn the living environment into a peaceful, light environment, to give balance and harmony to the home.

Your flush to the wall project

Dierre's flush to the wall solutions come in five model families: Sleek, Silence, Filum, New Space flush to the wall solution and Shape.


The Sleek security front door that follows some principles of aeronautical engineering, one of the flagships from a technological and security point of view.

The innovative aluminium frame allows to reach coplanarity with the walls even with relevant sizes. The Macron 5.0 retractable hinges (exclusive Dierre patent) guarantee the 180° opening of the door.

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The security door for those willing to have the utmost security in the bedroom. It combines the style and discretion of an internal door with the performance of an exterior security door.

Mechanical lock with high security half cylinder; the handle can also be adjusted to the same height as the others in the house, with handle-operated emergency release; frame with concealed hinge and perfectly coplanar to the wall.

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The aluminium frame with concealed hinge has been conceived to be almost invisible and blended into the environment. A modern solution suitable for both plasterboard and masonry, also available in a “full height” version.

It can be installed with Moderne, Materiche and Classiche lines and it can be customized in dozens of variants to make your home unique. Wall paints and wallpaper can be applied to the door surface.

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New Space Raso Muro

The counter-frame that allows you to conceal the sliding door in the wall and allows to elegantly and easily separate two rooms or it can be used to create a practical walk-in wardrobe.

The aluminium frame New Space Raso Muro is particularly suitable for environments with a modern and minimal design because it does not provide exposed finishes (jambs and casing). It is available in the single or double sliding door versions, for masonry walls and also in the version suitable for plasterboard walls and guarantees total integration with the wall.

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The advanced system of single or double leaf flush to the wall panels which perfectly blends into the wall. It allows to obtain storage rooms or hide control panels, with an almost invisible solution.

Brushed anodized aluminium extruded frame, it has a completely flush wall profile. Leaf with opening up to 180° with wood, lacquered or unfinished panelling that can be painted or have wallpaper applied to.

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Create your flush to the wall project with Dierre

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