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The borderline between your home and the outside world, the first sign of your personality. And not only that.
Every Dierre security door is firstly a protection against intrusion. Created from state-of-the-art security devices and technology that only Dierre can offer.
A structure that can be clad as you wish, to harmonise with the surroundings and reflect your lifestyle.

The panelling
Every style of living and need can be satisfied within the thousand of colours available, wood types and trimmings of the Dierre range: flush panels, pantographed panels, panels with applied mouldings, lacquered, precious solid woods varnished with water based varnish or in double panelled aluminium. There is also a wide choice of panel models made by specialist carvers and cabinet makers, who tastefully sculpt the aged walnut, chestnut, oak and cherry wood following the traditional carving and inlay techniques.

Exclusively for Dierre, handles, knobs and escutcheon plates endorsed by Giugiaro Design. Available in bronzed or silvered aluminium, lacquered white or black and in solid brass with an added protection system: an internal keyhole cover that opens and closes when the key is introduced, preventing strangers from spying inside the house. Furthermore the New Creta line is available in bronzed or silver aluminium, or in polished solid brass.

The perfect balance
The Micron hinges that are fitted on some models as extra and as standard on all double leaf doors, in addition to making fitting easy and precise, also allow the height, depth and width adjustment of the door.

The hermetic seal
All Dierre models are fitted as standard with a mobile sill, being indispensable for any security door. It blocks the light and drafts and automatically retracts inside the door when opened.

Open view, the new opening limiting device
Thanks to the new opening limiting device OPEN VIEW you'll be able to enjoy an obstacle and encumbrance-free view. Open view, in fact, allows the partial opening of the door and its locking, without the visual field being disturbed by the traditional security arm.

The new device, fitted on the upper part of the frame, allows a perfectly free view. It's also in a totally safe position and far from possible aggression attempts.

"NO SLAM" system
Such system keeps the  opening and closing of the door entirely under control. It's possible to prevent, for example: blasts of wind, air drafts, children, disabled people, animals or just a distraction from causing an involuntary closing of the door, its sudden opening or a violent slamming and the possible consequences.

The door is "driven" by the device that makes it stop at given opening angles: 30°, 60° and 90° but at the same time it's free to rotate up to its maximum opening angle (180° when allowed by the fitting configuration). The system consists of 2 devices, in case of Double leaf doors it's only mounted on the Mobile Leaf.

The anchoring structure
Made of two steel profiles screwed to one another that surrounds the door on three sides and secured to the wall: frame and sub-frame, with greater resistance to weathering agents thanks to the environmentally friendly polyester powder wrinkled paint finish.

The leaf structure
More secure
The body, steel core of the leaf, is strengthened with vertical Omega reinforcing that increase the resistance and rigidity of the entire structure. The welding points transform the body and Omega into a single solid and compact unit. Unhinging is prevented by the hinge grips along the hinge edge of the door that insert into their corresponding housings on the frame when the door is closed. The Dierre patented “Artiglio” deviator is a nail headed pin that prevents the wrenching of the lower part of the door. When the lock is operated this pin locates into the frame and rotates through 90° blocking the door. The lock is further protected by a drill resistant plate that increases resistance against burglary tools.

• More comfort
The insulating and soundproof panels inside the body provide excellent sound and heat insulation. Greater air-tightness and silent closure is guaranteed by the PVC or EPDM Hi-Tech seals, positioned throughout the perimeter of the leaf and frame. The plastic coated steel trim, made from rounded profiles and ribbing on the flat surfaces, improves the look of the leaf and increases the rigidity and security