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January 2022 | News

Bonus day helps you choose your doors!

Dierre's Guide to Tax Bonuses.

Bonus day helps you choose your doors!

This year, renovating your home while lowering operating costs is possible thanks to tax bonuses! Dierre is here to support you, too, because, thanks to its wide range of products, it gives you the opportunity to bring design, Italian style, attention to detail, practicality, and security to your home, while always taking advantage of the bonuses.

So, it’s time to upgrade the rooms in your home, reduce energy consumption and secure your home using tax bonuses!

For every Dierre product, there is a bonus right for you.

Check out all of Dierre’s bonus products!


This bonus applies to the following products, which may be subject to a savings of 50%: security doors, safe doors for the basement, safe doors for the bedroom, grilles, and garage doors.

The discount applies when you upgrade your home in terms of its security. You qualify for the discount, for example, if you replace an existing door with a new armored one, regardless of the model and materials used.


Do you want to do special maintenance or renovation work? You can take advantage of this bonus, which includes replacement of security doors, interior, and fire doors, and even garage doors.


This applies to security doors when you replace or modify an existing front door. Thus, the replacement is aimed at improving thermal insulation and limiting energy expenditure. The door frame must confine the heated envelope of the building to the outside or to unheated rooms.


This bonus applies to security doors. You can take advantage of this discount when an existing front door is replaced or modified, as long as this is done in the context of a more comprehensive energy upgrade on the building that includes replacing the winter heating and air conditioning system and/or thermal insulation of the building as the main interventions.

To learn more about the Dierre products that qualify for Tax Bonuses, download our guide with all the details.

Download the guide

What do you need to do to take advantage of the last two bonuses?

  • A licensed technician must declare that the work complies with the technical requirements, and the technician’s written declaration must also indicate the thermal transmittance of the replaced and new windows and doors, as well as the technical data required by the regulations.
  • A copy of the certification or energy qualification certificate and the information sheet on the work carried out must be sent electronically to Enea within 90 days of the work’s completion.


Armored Door – Synergy-Out

An anti-condensation security door, which thanks to its PVC frame structure, resists weathering. It provides high energy efficiency and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Particularly suitable for villas or single-family houses, and in places with large temperature differences between indoors and outdoors, it can be placed in direct contact with the outdoor environment while retaining its appearance and functionality over time.

Security Door – Sentry-Evo

An armored door with elegant and balanced volumes, it encompasses multiple variations of accessible design and ensures high energy efficiency and security, thanks to the high-security New Power cylinder with anti-handling trap Lock Blocking System and its elegant Jack Key. You can choose from different combinations of shapes, colours, and sizes. It is the ideal door that lets you take advantage of any of the bonuses, with more affordable design, aesthetic, and security features.


Security door – Tablet

For those of you who love practical and innovative solutions, a youthful, smart, affordable security door that is both easy to use and secure, featuring a simple design. It is equipped with the Neos security cylinder, protected by a tear-proof broach, and for even more security, the New Power cylinder can be installed as an extra.



Security door for the bedroom – Silence

If you want to feel safe within the individual rooms in your home, Silence is the ideal choice as a security door for the bedroom. The New Power half-cylinder mechanical lock, protected by an anti-tear bushing, guarantees your security. It blends in with other interior doors that feature the same handle height. It also exists in a flush-to-wall version for a minimalist environment!


Interior Doors – Textured

Interior doors featuring smooth textured-effect surfaces to give your home style without forcing you to sacrifice functionality. You can choose from a variety of frame options that range from minimalist to more technical solutions.

Interior Doors – Modern

Want to add more character and vibrance to your home? Choose our lacquered doors: thanks to the abstract and geometric shapes, your home will transform in the blink of an eye and the rooms will be instantly improved!


Interior Doors – Classic

Interior doors with MDF cladding and hollow-core construction. The lacquering of the doors and frame ensures their durability; they are abrasion resistant and are not ruined by most liquid agents.

Contemporary solid interior doors – Quadra

A door made for those who love the natural beauty of wood and its grain. Door, frame, and trim covers are made entirely from solid wood.

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Window Grilles – Greta

A product made for those who want to protect their home without altering the aesthetics of the building. Greta grilles are made of high-strength steel and provide the house with light and ventilation. You can choose from different lines or designs.

Armored door for the basement – Under

Versatility, design, and protection for your wine cellar. Ideal for keeping your valuables safe, they are practical and carefully crafted.

Steel Fire Door – New Hydra

Perfect for homes, supermarkets, hospitals, movie theaters, and all types of public buildings. They ensure the maximum security of their environments.

Insulated sectional garage door – Freebox

An articulated-panel sectional door with sliding on the side and overhead tracks to reduce the moving space of the door leaf. The frame is made of lacquered aluminum and provides good thermal insulation and weather resistance.

If you want to get an overview of the bonuses you can take advantage of to purchase Dierre doors, click here!

Now that you have browsed through all of Dierre’s products and their bonuses, you can download the brochure to learn more! We have created a guide for you together with various tax experts.

Download the guide

Interested in knowing where to find Dierre products at your nearest store? Explore our authorized dealers using this link.


  • Can the bonuses be combined?

No, the bonuses cannot be combined.

  • What reason for payment should I list when making a bank transfer tied to the bonus?

Remember that you can only make the payment through a bank transfer in which you indicate “renovation transfer” as the reason for payment, the receipt of which should automatically include reference to “Article 16-bis of Presidential Decree No. 917/86 (TUIR – Italian consolidated law on income tax),” in which, under (f) it states: interventions to adopt measures aimed at preventing the risk of the commissioning of illegal acts by third parties.

  • When do the bonuses expire?
    • You can take advantage of this bonus until December 31, 2024. As of January 1, 2025, if the Budget Law does not provide for the usual extension of the above-mentioned surcharges, the regulations under Article 16-bis of the TUIR (36 percent deduction in the expenditure limit of 48,000 euro per housing unit) will once again be in effect.
    • 65% ECOBONUS (FIXTURES 50%)
      You can take advantage of the energy savings until December 31, 2024, (if the usual extension is not provided for in the Budget Law).
    • 110% SUPERBONUS

Condominiums, sole or co-owners (2 to 4 units), non-profit organizations, VOs, and SSAs: valid until December 31, 2023, with a 110% rate, December 31, 2024, with a 70% rate, and December 31, 2025, with 65% rate).                                                                                        Single-family: valid until December 31, 2022, if SAL (state of progress of the work) is equal to at least 30% of the “total work” planned by December 30, 2022.

Breakdown of deduction: 5 annual installments scheduled between July 1, 2020, and December 31, 2021, and 4 installments starting on January 1, 2022.


For the Renovation Bonus and Ecobonus, the option to transfer the credit and have a discount reflected on the invoice covers (unless extended) expenses incurred in the years 2022, 2023, 2024. On the other hand, for interventions to which the 110% deduction (Superbonus) applies, there is an extension to include expenses incurred in 2025.


What are the new features of the anti-fraud decree and the Budget Law 2022?

First anti-fraud Decree Law No. 157/2021 and then Budget Law 2022 provided for the obligation to certify the fairness of the expenses incurred and to issue a compliance certificate even in cases where previously these requirements were not necessary (Renovation Bonus and Ecobonus).

The change applies to invoices issued and related payments occurring on or after Nov. 12, 2021, the effective date of the Anti-Fraud Decree.

It has been established that requirements regarding expense affidavits and compliance certificates for credit transfers do not have to be observed with respect to:

  • interventions included in the free building list;
  • work that stays within the amount of 10,000 euro

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