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December 2018 | Home

Experience the silence in your home. Yoga and peace: sound insulation.

How important is sound insulation in your home?

Experience the silence in your home. Yoga and peace: sound insulation.

It’s late, you’ve been working all day, the phone has been ringing nonstop, you’ve been running across town, you’ve been stuck in traffic, and now that you’re finally getting home, you can’t wait to close the door behind you and take a moment to yourself.

Throughout the day, whether we realize it or not, we are surrounded by sounds and noises: when we walk, when we work, when we eat out. Have you ever thought that to experience a true moment of relaxation and detach yourself from everything, there is also a need to take a break from noise? For our house to become the ideal place to take refuge in, it is important that there is also good sound insulation. The choice of door, in fact, allows you to improve the quality of your life.

How is sound insulation defined? It is the assurance that the magnitude of external sounds and noises transmitted into the interior of rooms through the boundaries that delimit them (perimeter walls, partitions, and floors) is somehow contained.

In order to provide sound insulation, it is necessary for doors and windows to be installed in the correct way; in fact, it is useless to have high-performance products if the installation is not done properly or if other acoustic bridges unrelated to the product are present.

Sound insulation levels

To understand the concept in a more practical way, we need to introduce the topic on decibels: the unit of measurement used to measure the level of noise reduction of construction products such as doors.

How is the insulation level of a product evaluated?
Quite simply, we can say that:

  • From 20 dB to 30 dB, the product does not perform very well
  • From 31 dB to 35 dB, the product is in the average performance range on the market
  • From 36 dB to 39 dB, the product features good performance
  • From 40 dB and above, the product has an excellent degree of sound insulation

Dierre’s Synergy-Out security doors allow for a soundproofing value of 46 dB, precisely because of the innovative patented internal structure of the leaf and the technology present on the unique PVC frame. Such high performance, however, requires the presence of a fixed floor sill, which in this specific case is nevertheless unobtrusive, being only 16 mm high.

In general, it is good to remember that an acceptable acoustic quality of buildings will only be achieved by adequate building design that is linked to proper and prior planning of urban spaces. In this area, the concept that it is much better to plan ahead at the design stage than to have to intervene later with buffer interventions that are often relatively ineffective is obviously confirmed in the field.

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