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Choosing Dierre means entrusting one partner for your home. We guarantee technological closure systems with an almost craftsmanship customization level, a unique quality and the highest standards in security tests. The perfect business card for your home.

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Build well. Live well.

Meet Dierre at FieraMesse, Bolzano from March 8-11. Every year, Klimahouse inspires and educates more than 36,000 visitors from all over Italy in search of industry innovation and sustainability.

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Dierre, CasaClima



Klimahouse is an important tradeshow, a symbol of production and consumption efficiency, internationality, and sustainability.

From March 8 to 11, we will be at Fiera Messe.

Hall AB – Stand A04/22

Via della Fiera 1, Bolzano/Bozen

Partner from 2009

Partner from 2009

The partnership with CasaClima has inspired a process of continuous innovation with respect to the entrance door, leading to such modernizations as the Security door Synergy-Out, the first pvc-framed anti-condensation door with the CasaClima seal.



Dierre has demonstrated the fundamental contribution that the door can guarantee in terms of energy savings, and environmental protection, confirming itself as the first window frame in the home. Find out why with Sleek-Out, Synergy-Out (also in Green and Green Plus versions). Find your nearest

The two armored doors that defy heat and cold

Synergy-Out. Maximum thermal efficiency
Sleek Out. Design without borders

Synergy-Out. Maximum thermal efficiency

Maximum performance, elegance, style in every detail in the smallest thickness. Also available in anti-condensation Fiancoluce and Sopraluce, which maintain the safety and thermal and acoustic insulation features with unique room lighting. With Synergy Out you get up to 0.6Wm2K of thermal insulation, 46dB of acoustic insulation, Class 4 air permeability, Class 8A water tightness, C5 wind resistance, Class 4 corrosion resistance, Class 3 burglary resistance, and with standard equipment the fixed PVC floor threshold.

Check out all the details on Synergy-Out

Sleek Out. Design without borders

From the partnership with Schüco, comes Sleek Out, the flush armored door designed to come into direct contact with outdoor environments. The same aesthetic appeal, same level of security, but with increased thermal insulation. 180-degree opening, double rebate, concealed hinges, perfect coplanarity to the wall, door thermal transmittance coefficient (Ud) of 1.0 W/(m2 x K) in the version without a counterframe and 1.2 W/(m2 x K) in the version with a counterframe.

Check out all the details on Sleek-OUt