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February 2020 | Home

The Bulgarian key, change the lock or the door?

Home is the place in which we want to feel safe, but what to do when we feel that our safety is being threatened?

The Bulgarian key, change the lock or the door?

Equipping yourself to prevent break-ins is essential. Although burglaries have been on the decline since 2014, it is good to be well-informed about this issue. In fact, according to the Ministry of the Interior, in 2014 there were an estimated 255,866 burglaries while in 2017 the figure reached 195,824 and in 2018 it dropped even further to 191,374.

What is the Bulgarian key?

Using the Bulgarian key makes it easy for attackers to carry out break-ins. In fact, it is a tool that allows the reproduction of the key profile of a “double bit” lock without having the original key and without disassembling the lock of the security door. This type of break-in is part of the so-called “manipulation” breaches and does not involve any kind of damage to the lock.

What’s the best way to defend against the use of the Bulgarian key?

There are two choices: either change the lock or change the door.
Which one should you choose? It all depends on what your needs are at the moment, the type of door installed, the place where you live (apartment or detached home) and the result you want to achieve.
One has to consider that in the last 10 years the performance of doors has changed substantially.
There are several variables to keep in mind that affect not only security within one’s home but also a better quality of life:

  • Security level is a variable that ranks the door assembly against a destructive break-in attempt. Depending on the place to be protected, the level must be chosen. The tests that define these values are carried out according to European standards by accredited and non-partial laboratories.
  • Sound insulation is a variable to consider if you live in an apartment, as it allows you to keep out unwanted noise.
  • Thermal insulation is essential to creating good energy and economic savings.
  • Firestop, to provide greater protection in case of fire.
  • Home automation, because we live in a world where technology enables us to simplify some aspects of our daily lives.
  • Aesthetics, is an element to consider that allows the door to be integrated into the design of a home. Indeed, one can choose striking aesthetic solutions, for example, with concealed hinges.

If you want to achieve a higher level of security and not give up the above-mentioned performance, then the best solution is to change the door. Dierre allows you to do this in the easiest way: just remove the door leaf and frame and replace them to install a new generation door.

If, on the other hand, you only need to change the door for security reasons, changing the lock may be a solution.
The lock can be double bit or cylinder.
If it is double-bit, Dierre allows for the addition of the Lock Trap System, a system that is resistant to the Bulgarian lockpick and that goes into operation as soon as the tool is inserted into the lock, thus preventing the attacker from entering the home.
If the lock, on the other hand, is a cylinder lock, Dierre offers the Lock Blocking System, a geared lock equipped with a system that securely locks the deadbolts, preventing attackers from opening the lock should a destructive breach of the door occur. In conjunction with the cylinder lock, Dierre New Power or D-Up products can be fitted, which are also equipped with tamper traps and have the key feature of being anti-bumping.

Dierre offers several opportunities regarding the choice of lock. In fact, it is possible to combine a double bit lock with a cylinder lock and have more security.
In addition, another element to be evaluated is the choice of electronic door: this solution ensures that the door is always safe by automatically locking itself when it is approached. In this case, Dierre offers the opportunity to combine automatic and manual functions in a single lock.

Evaluate carefully whether your door is old or recent, and then choose whether to change door or lock according to your needs!

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