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October 2023 | Home

The most secure locks of 2024

What is the most secure lock?

The most secure locks of 2024

Nadia De Robertis, Sales Director at Dierre, explains the differences among key lock types and recommends the most suitable option for your needs.

In this article, you’ll find information on the following topics:

  • Does the perfect lock exist?
  • The locks that vie for security supremacy
  • The double-bit lock: a classic lock revisited
  • The European cylinder lock: the latest in lock technology
  • Summary: Which is the most secure lock?


Does the perfect lock exist?


Every burglar fantasizes about a key that can unlock any door. We dream about a lock that can thwart every thief.
In reality, security is a never-ending competition between those who develop ever more effective defenses and those who go to great lengths to defeat them. We must adopt every possible precaution to bolster our defenses and deter potential intruders. A security door equipped with an advanced lock is one such precautionary measure. However, claiming the existence of “unpickable locks” would inadvertently aid thieves. So, assuming there are no foolproof locking systems, only devices that are better than others, let’s see which are the most secure locks on the market. The lock is the most essential feature of any security door and its most vulnerable point, which is why it is the focus of research and development. The two prominent types are the traditional double-bit lock and the modern European cylinder lock, ensuring high-security standards albeit with distinct characteristics, as elaborated below.


The Double-Bit Lock: A Classic Lock Revisited


The double-bit lock is an evolution of the single-bit lock, which differs by having a more significant number of notches and, thus, a greater number of possible combinations.

Is the double-bit lock secure?

This lock, which until a few years ago was the most common lock in Italy, was the subject of an unjustified media terror campaign because of its alleged vulnerability to the Bulgarian key. The truth is that most of the locks attacked in this way were decades old. More modern double-bit locks, such as those designed and manufactured by Dierre, incorporate a system that counteracts tampering with precision burglary tools such as the Bulgarian key: the Lock Trap System. In the event of a break-in attempt, this mechanism completely locks the lock and only unlocks it once the burglary tool has been removed.


Advantages and disadvantages of double-bit lock


The disadvantage of the double-bit lock is not so much the lock itself but the key. Modern double-bit locks have high-security standards comparable to European cylinder locks. However, the key can be duplicated from another copy without any intermediate steps. In return, the double-bit lock is less expensive than the European cylinder lock. It offers greater protection against aggressive burglary attempts, such as those using a drill, because the locking system is built into the lock itself.

When should you choose a double-bit lock? The double-bit lock is the ideal choice to save money without sacrificing security.

The European cylinder lock: the latest in lock technology


The European cylinder lock, also known as the European lock, has recently been the star of the security debate. It is a technology whose main component is the “cylinder,” which contains a series of plungers of a length complementary to the notches of the key (smaller and lighter than the double-bit key) that prevent its rotation in case of incorrect or counterfeit.

How secure is the European cylinder lock?

In a word, a lot. European cylinder locks offer a high level of security. The most advanced, such as Dierre’s New Power and D-Up, have mechanisms that thwart most tampering techniques. In addition, the European cylinder lock key can only be duplicated with a key card.


Advantages and disadvantages of the European cylinder lock


The European cylinder lock is the most common but is more expensive than a double-bit lock. It is also more susceptible to forced entry than a double-bit lock because the lock system has a cylinder attached to it. On the other hand, it incorporates excellent anti-tampering systems and allows duplication of the key only using a unique magnetic card in the owner’s possession.

(The key is much more practical and lighter than the double-bit one).

When to choose a European cylinder lock

Because of the magnetic card duplication process, the European cylinder lock is the obvious choice for those who need to leave copies of their keys with strangers to allow them access to the home.

Summary: Which is more secure, the double-bit or the European cylinder lock?

The latest double-bit and European cylinder locks for security doors are comparable in terms of security in the strict sense: both are equipped with systems that can prevent most tampering techniques. The most secure solution would be a security door that combines both strengths, but this is not practical, and we recommend it only in exceptional cases. Both locks can also be supplemented with additional security systems, such as the Magnetic Defender, which completely blocks access to the hole.
Dierre is the only company in Italy that manufactures locks for security doors. Over the years, we have developed extensive knowledge that allows us to speak to you with expertise and maximum transparency.

Whether you choose a state-of-the-art double-bit lock or a European cylinder lock, you can be assured of the highest security standards and efficient and expert assistance when needed.


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