Lock Trap System

Doors fitted with Dierre's double map lock now use the new anti-tampering Lock Trap System. The result of Dierre’s constant research, Lock Trap System represents the synthesis of technology, quality and safety.

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A standard trap for the most effective tampering tools

In the case of attempted burglary, the Lock Trap system intervenes and locks the lock, but once tampering tools is extracted, it releases the mechanism and allows normal opening.

Lock Trap System has passed the stringent tests against tampering set out by the A2P label, recognised by CNPP, a prestigious French institute, recognized at international level, for the prevention and control of the risks. Finally, Trap Lock System also uses the MIA patent, which in the case of theft or loss of keys allows quick and easy replacement of the central block.

A reinforcing pin is mounted on all double map locks on the stroke of the latches to increase the resistance of latches to smashing.