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August 2021 | News

The sentry-evo security door: the future always has a history.

Time teaches the importance of changing, improving, adapting, anticipating, and evolving while always remaining true to oneself.

The sentry-evo security door: the future always has a history.

At Dierre, we have learned this concept and have been putting it into practice for 45 years. Technological innovation, material selection, and attention to energy conservation are all choices we make with the view to keep moving with the times, never arriving unprepared but, rather, anticipating demands.

A practical example? The evolution of our Sentry security door. It is a style icon that has made Dierre history and is characterized by its versatility, functionality, and solidity.


The new Sentry-Evo is the best version of the Sentry: all its talents have been enhanced. Its functionalities are even more effective, its safety features are even more protective, and its beauty even more spectacular. Moreover, thanks to its features, you can take advantage of all the current tax bonuses (Safety Bonus, Renovation Bonus, 50% Ecobonus and 110% Superbonus).

What are the strengths of the new Sentry-Evo? Let’s find out together!

Evolution in structure

The revolutionary shell is double sheet metal and becomes a single monoblock: this creates a performance sandwich that provides versatility, lightness and balance while increasing acoustic and thermal performance.

Evolution in thermal performance

Its thermal insulation provides more benefits: energy savings, cost savings, and the advantage of easily creating an ideal environment in the home.

If the Sentry offers a thermal transmittance value of 1.8 W/m2 K, the Sentry-Evo allows for more limited heat loss: the coated and insulated sash does not change in thickness, remains light, and allows for a standard transmittance of 1.3 W/m2 K. In addition, for those who require higher performance, up to 0.9 W/m2 K can be reached

Evolution in sound insulation

We know well that we seek out sereneness in our homes. We want to “shut out” the noise from the outside world and for that reason the front door plays a key role in soundproofing our home.

The sound reduction level of a door is measured in decibels.

In simple terms, we can summarize that:

  • The product does not perform very well from 20 dB to 30 dB;
  • The product is average in performance from 31 dB to 35 dB;
  • The product performs well from 36 dB to 39 dB;
  • The product provides an excellent degree of sound insulation from 40 dB and up.

What about the Sentry-Evo?

Basic insulation is guaranteed by the sash structure, magnetic seals, and automatic movable threshold, which is 40 dB. Upon request, you can raise the insulation level to 42 dB with the inclusion of a special movable threshold; you can take advantage of this offer free of charge until the end of the year!


Want to discover the newer, more innovative version of the Sentry-Evo?

Evolution in design

The new Sentry-Evo offers standard aesthetic solutions of quality, class and modernity that will easily match your home’s style. Each of its details can have different customizations as standard.

In addition to the classic Tanganyika or Mahogany panel, you can choose panels in white melamine similar to ral 9010 and gray melamine similar to ral 7040.

You can also choose from frames and fairings in dark brown, white, anthracite gray (micaceous-like) or silver.

Dierre Design hardware is now available in bronze or silver as standard.

In addition to being available in standard sizes, the Sentry-Evo can reach up to 2600 x 1100 mm, making it adaptable for any living solution.

Evolution in reliability

Accessories are very important, and they can make all the difference.

Almost every one of our accessories is manufactured by Dierre. This is an advantage that allows us flexibility, but also rigor, when it comes to taking care of every detail. Combining every security feature provides for a uniquely evolved door, because the difference can be spotted in even the smallest of details.

Sentry-Evo offers a range of extremely robust accessories, details that add protection and design.

The Open View Aperture Limiter

Allows minimal and guaranteed opening with full visibility, handy for when we do not want to open the door completely. It replaces the old “chain” in an innovative and technological way.


Magnetic seals

The standard seals are magnetic, along the perimeter of the sash. What does this mean? It’s easier to open the door because the system is never under tension.

The New Power Cylinder

One of Dierre’s exclusive patented cylinders, it comes standard with the Sentry-Evo. Equipped with an anti-bumping mechanism, the modular cylinder is twice as resistant to breakage in the centerline than a brass cylinder.

Jack Key

A new generation key. The design is unmistakable and recalls technology from the automotive world. In fact, it is an encrypted, folding key with a snap-open design.

Shild Hinge Bolts

These hinge bolts help improve the security of the sash. They allow better anchorage to the frame due to their curvature. Compared to a classic hinge bolt, they guarantee resistance to corrosion and weathering thanks to a specific treatment they undergo. They are made from custom-cut drawn steel and inserted on an impact-resistant bracket.

The Hook Diverter

Designed to make the door look more stylish in appearance, it makes sure that the closed door fits perfectly into the frame and snaps into place with its hook to prevent tearing. Inserted into the frame it has a locking mechanism that makes the door even more secure


Those who choose the Sentry-Evo, can choose from 3 different types of lock: the first has a single New Power high-security cylinder, the second version has an additional service cylinder with two different and independent keys, and finally, the third version has two dependent high-security cylinders, both D-Up.

In addition, to increase the security of the lock, the Sentry-Evo is equipped with an anti-drill and burglar-resistant steel plate that protects it from burglary attempts.

You have all the knowledge you need to evaluate how beneficial and useful Sentry’s evolution is in creating the ideal atmosphere in your home.

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