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March 2020 | Innovation

Sleek Next Electra, an opening to the future.

We want to help guide you to discover the technology your front door can be equipped with.

Sleek Next Electra, an opening to the future.

The ability to evolve is a trait that all of us have somewhat, as is the desire to adapt to changes, follow them or even anticipate them. We like to have tools that simplify our lives and give us more practicality. We at Dierre have always been committed to imagining, anticipating, and making smart security systems and doors.
A door, in fact, in addition to providing excellent soundproofing, thermal insulation, fire resistance, and maximum security, can also be revolutionary in terms of technology.

Next Elettra

Next Elettra is a hyper-evolved opening system, created to develop over time and gradually integrate new functions, combining security, technology, and functionality.
What are the advantages?

– A sound burglar alarm, simple and intuitive, which works by bluetooth device.
– Opening and closing via the My Door App or Key-fob remote control.
– Access management even remotely.
– Notification of any maintenance needs.

How can the doors do all this? Let’s take a look at the opening system in detail, and find out what it features:


Inserted inside the door leaf, it manages entrances and exits. Thanks to its advanced sensor technology, it reports the status of the door and can integrate new functions as it goes along.

Electronic opening

Motorized cylinder lock of the latest generation, controlled by bluetooth device, with low consumption and high reliability.

Anomaly sensors

Activated to provide notifications about the door’s status, provide basic diagnostics, and send an alert in case of suspicious activity.


Placed on the outside and inside of the door, it is a semi-spherical lens that refracts the light generated by the LED inserted in the door leaf and changes color depending on the state of the door.


Remote control with a practical and functional bluetooth module, which communicates with the lock’s internal device.

Easy Key-Fob

It has all the features of the Key-Fob, plus thanks to the built-in Easy Key snap-in key, it enables the mechanical lock release in the event of a power outage.

Built-in burglar alarm

Thanks to sensors in the Bluetooth device, the sound indicator notifies you about break-in attempts.

My Door App

In addition, thanks to the My Door App, compatible with iOS or Android systems, you can connect your door to your smartphone, thus operating the opening and closing of the door. Another plus of Next Elettra is that over time it will be able to evolve more and more and give you additional advantages. In fact, it can be networked with the My Door app connected by the WIFI to the lock, and you will be able to:

– Have continual information about the status of your door at your fingertips

– Control access and remotely manage opening and closing systems

– Get alarm notifications

– Communicate in real-time with Dierre to assess the condition of the door or for maintenance

With the My Bridge device, Next Elettra can be integrated with other home automation systems. All you need is WIFI, or a simple SIM card, and you’ll be able to simplify your life immensely.

Next Elettra meets Sleek

Next Elettra’s evolved system matches Dierre’s prestigious door models, such as Sleek, the new security door inspired by aeronautical engineering.
Sleek is the right door for you if you are looking for design, attention to detail, and not wanting to overlook security and practicality.
In fact, this door is double rebated and set back flush against the wall with a concealed hinge and provides excellent thermal and sound insulation performance.
It opens at 180° thanks to the Macron 5.0 concealed hinges, which are patented by Dierre. Being flush with the wall, it also does not disrupt the space but instead compliments it because it can be made with the same texture as the wall.
Next Elettra is therefore the ideal opening system for this elegant door. The glow of light adds a unique touch to the door, and the technology offers even more convenience.

The myRELAY universal opening system is used to operate a clean contact. Using the myDOOR app, it is possible to: drive the opening of devices via clean control such as automatic gates and power-operated locks; enabling other users (GUESTS) who can use the App to open and use Dierre Bluetooth remote controls from the “keyfob” family.

Needs only a 5-12V DC power supply. The power supply is not included as standard. If you already own a Dierre Next Elettra or Hibry Bluetooth gate, you can use the remotes and app you have to open the gate with myRELAY as well. Available for Android and iOS.

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