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July 2020 | Home

Solid wood, the choice of long-lasting upholstery, and its beauty.

Decorate your home with Santorini panels. Timeless beauty.

Solid wood, the choice of long-lasting upholstery, and its beauty.

There are those who like to carefully choose every detail to create an environment that stays the same as the years go by and those who like to change style over time, follow trends in design and adapt them to their own tastes.

The beauty is found in decorating in a way that highlights what we like best, never forgetting that our “home” should also be a safe place in which we feel protected and sheltered.

With Dierre doors, you can have security without sacrificing style, in fact, we have always wanted to give you the opportunity to create the perfect atmosphere in your home, without limiting your creativity.

Interior design trends.

Before talking about solid wood and Dierre door coverings, let’s take a brief look at decorating trends. Decoration favors the use of geometric motifs, velvet upholstery for armchairs or sofas, for example, which give a touch of originality to the room as well as floral wallpapers.

In terms of materials, there is a return to nature can be noted. For example, combining wood with metal gives a unique style to a living area. Our advice? Choose a solid wood door to add charm to your home. Wood has a dual soul: it is rustic but at the same time, it is also modern when combined with a minimal style.

Solid wood, a solid design choice.

Solid wood is highly prized because it is made from the innermost part of the tree trunk. It acquires different shades and colors depending on the type of wood, which can be oak, cherry, chestnut, and national walnut. The boards or beams that are made from the wood retain the grain and, in order for them to lose their moisture, they are left to age. This stage is essential and must be done carefully; polishing and varnishing are then carried out.

Why choose this material?

  • It creates a unique atmosphere, adds a touch of warmth and personality to the room. Fits all styles.
  • It is a noble and sturdy material, plus it is an environmentally sustainable choice.
  • It is durable and at the same time changes with the passage of time; it is a material that continues to live on and on which the signs of its evolution can be seen.
  • Wood is an insulator, so when it is used indoors it helps to achieve good thermal insulation and increase energy savings.

Santorini wall panels.

Among the paneling boards for security doors, we offer you those from the Santorini line.
You only have to choose the one that best matches the style of your home, and you can choose accessories that speak to the authentic beauty of unique places and convey the charm of maritime vistas.
Whether you live in a cottage, a house in a quaint hamlet, or a historic place, these coverings will blend in perfectly with their surroundings. The important thing is that the door is protected from the sun, direct rain, and frost.

The fascinating aspect of these coverings is that you can see the effects of the passage of time. You can choose from nine patterns, which combine with nine color schemes.
The wood has small irregularities, and the panels are in Yellow Pine, framed or pantographed. The paneling undergoes a unifying stain and is painted with environmentally friendly water-based paints.

You can also choose solid wood paneling for interior doors.
There is a wide range of choices, and we offer you two product lines: antique solid wood or contemporary.
Antique solid wood doors are elegant in shape and proportion and showcase a classic design.
The Dierre Massello contemporary line, on the other hand, offers solid wood doors with a contemporary style, which features precise and strongly distinctive characters. Each door has its own identity, with small imperfections acting as signs of noble and natural beauty.

How to carry out maintenance on solid wood

Maintenance of solid wood is very important and should be done once a year. Here is a brief guide:
First, you should remove dust or other impurities using only lukewarm water or possibly mild soap. Next, you can apply a layer of water-based restoring agent for wooden doors and windows with a brush, taking care to even out the applied layer with a cotton cloth.
For application on the security door, you should plan to insert at least 3 strips of double-sided tape equidistant from each other for the entire height of the coating.
You can do this cleaning on both framed, pantographed, marine plywood and hand-carved panels.
Remember that framed panels may have possible resin spillage, but this is completely normal.
Hand-carved panels may have cracks or fissures due to the characteristics of the wood.

To clean and revitalize wood panels outdoors, we recommend inspecting the surface every 6 months if the wood is heavily weathered, checking that the paint layer has not been damaged.


To remove smog, dust, and acid rain, in addition to water, use the specific neutral detergent Fast Cleaner, rinsing thoroughly and wiping dry with a cloth.

Revitalizing the wood

After drying, spray Easy Coat on the surface that is being treated and wipe it dry with the microfiber cloth provided until completely absorbed. If you want to ensure that the beauty of your windows and doors is maintained, you can use Easy Coat at least three to four times a year.

Now you also know how to facilitate the durability of solid wood doors; if this material also appeals to you, choose your favorite panel for your home.

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