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December 2018 | Home

Style and reliability. why choose a fireproof door?

Firecut, fire-resistant security doors to protect your home in case of fire.

Style and reliability. why choose a fireproof door?

It is not only important to choose details that are most in keeping with our style; another key element to consider is creating environments that are safe. In this respect, every choice we make plays a decisive role.

Fire doors are used in stores, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, cinemas, and theaters. You can bring the same level of safety to your home.
Most often, a fire door certification is required in apartment buildings that extend in height, in large metropolitan cities or, a more frequent situation that needs to be protected, when a fire door must secure the entrance from the garage and separates the latter from the dwelling. What does a fire door guarantee? It is made of special materials that can withstand the high temperatures that can be reached during a fire, specifically to prevent flames and smoke from spreading to other oxygen-rich environments.

The difference in a few letters

EI2 certification 30, 60, 90, 120. The abbreviation “EI” represents the ability of a product to retain, in the event of a fire, certain characteristics for a set amount of time: 30, 60, or 90 minutes. If the door is fireproof, the fire resistance can last up to 90 minutes, while when we refer to a fire-only steel door, the time can even reach 120 minutes.

Each letter refers to a different characteristic:
“E” refers to the effectiveness of the door’s sealing, thus the ability to neither produce nor allow flames to pass through.
“I” refers to thermal insulation, thus the ability to reduce heat transmission.
Accordingly, “E” is defined as a door that retains its stability and is able to block hot fumes and flames, and “EI” as a product that, in addition to the previous qualities, limits heat transmission to a maximum of 180°C on the side that is not in direct contact with fire (i.e., the cooler side). The maximum permissible cold side temperature within the certified time for EI2 doors is 180°C on the sash and 360°C on the frame.

One more guarantee

Dierre doors are approved for fire resistance according to European standard EN 1634-1 and classification standard EN 13501-2, a regulation in force throughout Italy and Europe. It is issued following specific tests that ensure compliance with rigorous standards.
Plus, in addition to maximum safety, you can always choose from a wide range of accessories, colors and materials to meet your design needs.

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