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November 2020 | News

The advantages of an industrial security door.

The elements to choose for one's home are manifold, and we do not always realize it, but in many cases, we come to a crossroads: is it better to have a handcrafted product or an industrial product?

The advantages of an industrial security door.

This question also arises when considering the best door for your home. The door is durable, of high-tech industrial quality, and should be considered in this way, almost on par with a refrigerator or household appliance!

When elegant detail meets technology

Dierre guarantees many advantages: near-craftsmanship customization, highest standards in security testing, and the best technology. 
Dierre doors thus keep the fundamental elements of an armored door in great balance: they achieve class 5 burglary resistance while at the same time guaranteeing very high thermal, acoustic and design performance.
Locks, hinges, keys, and rostrums are made in-house. Attention to detail is visible at a glance: every component is studied, and this is also visible in the seals, which are never sharp. However, it is not only attention to detail that characterizes Dierre doors.
The aim is always to create technologically innovative doors; prototypes are produced with sophisticated industrial technologies, and Dierre controls the entire production cycle, from design to manufacture, relying on sophisticated software for both prototyping and production, which guarantee customization in short time frames, thanks also to the almost total control of product know-how.

Let's take a closer look at Dierre doors

The materials that play a key role in a Dierre door are steel and wood. Thanks to this union, it is possible to model and create the product that best meets the needs of each individual customer.
The advantages of hot-dip galvanized steel are many:
– The chrome plating does not rust, and the risk of some components rotting is avoided. In particular, it reduces the impact of salinity in places exposed to the sea.

– It increases the level of security.

– It increases the durability and solidity of the Wood, and in addition to being an excellent insulator, it is used as an extra to clad the door according to a customers’ tastes. In fact, it is possible to choose the model you prefer, and maintenance is easier since you only need to disassemble the panel with the use of Dierre’s patented Fast-Grip panel-holding frames, with a simple click-clack movement.

In addition, what makes Dierre doors unique is the shell, that is, the box that forms the skeleton of the door, since it is punched and not welded.
Inside, the door is reinforced with a special patented Dierre sandwich composed of materials with high thermal insulation, soundproofing, and burglary resistance properties. In addition, there are additional reinforcements to protect the locking unit.
Dierre is your winning choice because standardization of production never conflicts with maximum customization, plus industrialization simplifies product maintenance and after-sales service and ensures a better quality of work throughout the supply chain.

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