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January 2019 | Innovation

The key to security: everything you need to know about the cylinder lock.

Each of us wishes to feel protected within the walls of our own home.

The key to security: everything you need to know about the cylinder lock.

A key component to ensuring and increasing the security level of the security door is the choice of lock.
Let’s first understand how armored doors are structured: they are formed by a double steel plate in which the elements that make security, including the lock, are placed in its thickness. The doors are characterized by the presence of a frame; the stronger the anchoring system of the latter to the wall, the greater the security.
Security locks can have multiple locking points around the perimeter of the door and can be equipped with anti-drill plates, tampering traps, and cylinder protection systems.
There are different types of locks. The most common are double bit locks and cylinder locks. When comparing locks of different but equal types, it can be said that one is not better than the other; each type has pros and cons that should be weighed when choosing a product according to one’s needs.

The cylinder lock

It consists of 2 parts: the lock and the cylinder, which cannot function separately.
The lock is the structure, while the cylinder is the heart that controls the system.
What does it guarantee?

  • If it provides good protection, it is robust and thus resistant to destructive attacks of force.
  • It is compact and suitable for use in tight spaces, such as on glass door frames
  • Adapts to any kind of need: depending on the combination of lock and cylinder you can get more secure or cheaper solutions, with simple or designer keys
  • The cylinder is easily replaced on the lock

The defender is a steel guard, usually cylindrical in shape, whose job is to protect the cylinder.
It is attached to the door through screws passing through the inside of the lock.

What is the purpose of the defender?

  • Allows the door to be protected from cylinder break-in attempts and destructive type break-ins
  • It is designed to be perfectly compatible with the cylinder

Safety depends on even the smallest details:

  • Hook diverter: controlled by the lock, it fits into the frame and, by making a 90-degree parallel rotation, anchors and securely locks the sash to the frame
  • Shild rostrum: made of white galvanized shaped steel, placed along the side of the hinges, when the sash is closed they fit into the corresponding cavities on the frame, so as to prevent unhinging of the sash.
  • Upper rod: an additional locking point is provided by the telescopic upper locking rod

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