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June 2020 | Home

The quality of your home life is also improved thanks to the security door.

The 2020 pandemic has changed our current living habits. We have become accustomed to reevaluating our spaces, valuing them, and doing more activities enclosed within our own four walls. How so?

The quality of your home life is also improved thanks to the security door.

Some have discovered new passions, some have been able to brush up on old hobbies, and some have chosen to devote more time to themselves or their families. Between physical activity, a desire to experiment in the kitchen, and moments of relaxation, we imagine that you, too, have been thinking about how to spend your time and experience your place of refuge. One thing you may have noticed is that feeling sheltered in your home is a priority.
That’s why it’s important to make choices that ensure everyone’s safety, such as paying attention to the security entrance door.

Why does a door improve the quality of our life? Let's take a look from all the angles.

To do this, it’s first important to find out what class of burglar-resistance the door belongs to. All security doors are identified with an anti-burglary class. Class 1 is effective against only the use of physical force to open a door. To provide a good level of security, a door must be at least class 3, meaning it is difficult for someone using screwdrivers or crowbars to break in.
Want to have extra security? Then you will have to choose class 4 doors, generally used for the protection of detached houses or cottages but also in apartment buildings because they provide more protection, especially if there are no porters are your place or you live on a ground floor where noise is common. These doors can prevent attacks by experienced burglars using saws, hammers, hatchets, chisels, and portable battery-operated drills.

The door is your first defense line between the outside world and your home.

Security is not the only element to consider. Some security doors, in addition to having a burglary class of 3 or 4, also become your shield from the outside world for several reasons, such as soundproofing and thermal transmittance.

For example, The Synergy In and Out doors, thanks to the structure of the sash, frame gasket and the presence of the fixed floor sill (Synergy-Out), provide a real acoustic barrier and reduce the entry and spread of noise and heat loss, improving the thermal insulation. They enable a high-performance sound reduction value of 45dB (In) and 46 dB (Out). The Out version, in having to ensure such high levels of performance, has a fixed floor sill of 16 mm high.

As mentioned, Synergy doors offer effective thermal insulation. It means that they allow less heat loss in winter and preserve the indoor temperature in summer, thus contributing to increased energy and economic savings. Synergy In is designed with a thermal transmittance value of 1.4 W/(m2 x K), while Synergy Out achieves a thermal transmittance value of 1.3 W/(m2 x K) and can go as low as 0.6 W/(m2 x K).

The door also shelters us from the weather. Dierre’s Synergy Out doors have excellent air permeability, water and wind load resistance. They are structured in such a way as to prevent any water infiltration or air passage under the threshold of the door leaf. The fourth side of the sash consists of a part made of PVC into which a gasket fits and an aluminum part that provides optimal protection.

Another element to consider is fire resistance.
This is why some Dierre doors are made of materials that can withstand high temperatures that will prevent flames and smoke from spreading. They are tested according to regulations that ensure compliance with strict standards and are able to withstand high temperatures for up to 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

The door is one of the ways to make everyday life easier.

In addition, even a door can make room for innovation and thus make your daily routines more convenient. Some Dierre doors, such as the Hibry or the brand new Next Elettra, are equipped with locks that combine automatic and manual functions, offering more convenience without forcing you to overlook security. As such, they eliminate the hassle of remembering to lock the front door and remove the keys. By connecting to Next Elettra’s My Door App, you can use Bluetooth to open it, manage access, and control it. This allows you to take advantage of small perks every day, such as going for a run without your keys!

Our choice of door reflects our style and speaks to who we are.

Finally, with Dierre you can add unique features to your door that best reflect you and your family. This is because we always want to ensure you a unique design and provide you with a sophisticated and wide choice of products. Thanks to the Print Wood model paneling, you can personalize your door in the strictest sense: you can choose from different images to print on it or a photo created by you. That’s not all, however. You can also choose from a wide range of panels in different colors and materials: including those in aluminum, suitable for the outdoors and to designed to give your home a modern touch, as well as those in Idroskin, which in addition to being modern, also provide a good degree of thermal insulation. Lastly, you can also choose from glass doors or solid wood panels with oak, cherry, chestnut, and walnut essences.

Dierre always guarantees attention to detail, with clean and elegant solutions, and the option of having rasomuro armored doors with concealed hinges. What’s more, thanks to Fast Grip innovation, you can assemble and disassemble the interior panel stop frames in just a few simple steps, achieving a stylish result from an aesthetic point of view, but also allowing quick assembly and disassembly of the panel for maintenance: the disappearance of screws and plugs leaves the wood paneling intact, enhancing its design.

So now you understand the full benefits of security doors and how they can improve the quality of your home life! Are you ready to choose the door that’s right for you?

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