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June 2022 | Home

The security door, the first level of protection in your house.

Moisture can easily form in the house for several reasons. When it reaches a high level, the phenomenon of condensation is quickly set into motion.

The security door, the first level of protection in your house.

In fact, if the temperature decreases and the vapor encounters a cooler surface, the water vapor will turn into actual water droplets.

The choice of a security door greatly affects the solution to this issue because doors, by connecting the external environment with the internal environment, are a colder surface and therefore this is where condensation is generated.

You can put small measures in place to prevent its formation, such as regularly airing out your home or using a dehumidifier, but often this is not enough. We at Dierre have designed a security door that can prevent this from happening.

Synergy Out: the anti-condensation security door

In summary, the higher the humidity level in the room and the lower the temperature outside, the higher the risk of condensation.
The Synergy Out door frame, being of very low thermal transmittance, reduces this risk.
We have designed this door to withstand all the events that result from constant exposure to extreme weathering, while maintaining appearance and functionality unchanged over time.

telaio porta blindata

Let’s take a look in detail at how it is designed:

  • The subframe features a PVC graft that insulates it on the outer side.
  • The frame is made of PVC with metal reinforcements.
  •  The panel, characterized by its stratigraphy of materials, makes it possible to improve the acoustic and thermal insulation of the door, without compromising its mechanical strength.
  •  The lower crossbeam consists of a fixed floor sill made of aluminum and PVC, which allows the elimination of thermal bridges.

The benefits of the Synergy Out door in numbers

Synergy Out is characterized by its robustness while at the same time providing record thermal insulation values: the thermal transmittance of its frame is 7 times lower than that of a traditional frame.

Water tightness is class 8A, and air permeability class 4. Corrosion resistance is class 4 if the class of wind resistance is C5.

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