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October 2010 | News

Under. The basement door: protect your most hidden dreams (and more).

Under security doors are designed to protect basements, storage rooms, attics, and archives.

Under. The basement door: protect your most hidden dreams (and more).

There is the living space we inhabit every day, in which we spend several moments: the area where we fall asleep and wake up, the area where we eat and share stories with unmistakable scents, the place where we prepare for the day, and the area dedicated to relaxation. This is the home we see every day and know perfectly well. Then, there is a dimension of the home that remains hidden but contains dreams, plans, supplies, memories, precious items, objects we are fond of and perhaps sometimes forget: the basement. Some people like to keep it tidy, others let clutter reign, but we know that protecting it is important, so you can start by choosing the right door.

If you always put off renovating your basement, maybe this could be the right time! You can take advantage of the security bonus, change your door, and enjoy a 50% tax deduction of the total amount spent. The security bonus applies if there is a security improvement, so for example, you can replace an existing door with a new armored one.

Why choose Under?

Style meets security: under is a versatile and well-designed door; in fact, the door is not galvanized but is gray and is designed to offer security without neglecting design details. Plus, it has structural solutions that promote easy installation.

The leaf, 48mm thick, is constructed entirely of galvanized, painted, and ribbed sheet steel and is reinforced by horizontal omega crossbars.

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The locking system: a cylinder mortise lock featuring a chrome finish with 4 bolts protected by anti-drill plate, telescopic upper and lower locking rods.

Under is a sturdy door, resistant to even the most persistent stresses because on the hinge side, the four rostrums are screwed to the door leaf.

In addition, the inclusion of the upper and lower telescopic locking rod makes it even more secure.

If it’s time to redesign your basement, play it safe by choosing the Under door you like best!

Want to find out more about the Under door?

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It is available in two models: single-sheet UNDER 1 or double-sheet UNDER 2. Both models can use the vise frame, which allows for quick installation and finishing on both sides of the moor, and the tubular frame, which involves the use of wall plugs.

Finally, Under is equipped with the New Power cylinder, which has a patented anti-handling system and is twice as resistant to breakage in the centerline as a brass cylinder.

If you want to get an overview of the bonuses you can take advantage of and Dierre doors, click here!

So now that you’ve learned about Under Dierre and its bonuses, if you want to learn more about it, you can download the brochure! We have created a guide for you with the help of expert tax experts.

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