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Choosing Dierre means entrusting one partner for your home. We guarantee technological closure systems with an almost craftsmanship customization level, a unique quality and the highest standards in security tests. The perfect business card for your home.

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November 2022 | News

Classic, modern or contemporary: Dierre soundproof interior doors to furnish your home.

Total look and Dierre soundproof interior doors for your home.

Classic, modern or contemporary: Dierre soundproof interior doors to furnish your home.

Among Dierre’s pluses there is the possibility of combining style and finishes of the interior doors with those of the entrance armored door, and even of the garage, to give life to architectural projects coordinated in every detail.

Sound insulation is increasingly important, which contributes significantly to the comfort of a home, especially in the case of apartments in the big buildings. A need that is deeply felt also by those who live the home as a workplace, given the recent growth of the smart working phenomenon.

The big news is the acoustic certification on almost all Dierre internal door models. Classic, Modern and Material lines are all available in different acoustic insulation classes: starting from 29 dB for the doors with visible hinges to rise to 30 dB with hidden hinges, to 32 dB for doors with perforated chipboard door and reaching 36 dB with the use of special insulating filters in recycled wood fiber.

"Your home is Your Life. The acoustic insulation is so important and current in this so busy world, where your home is your refuge"

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The huge Dierre catalog tells all the styles of a house. The Classic doors, a reinterpretation of traditional interior doors in nine models completely redesigned in the style and colors. The Juvarra door, for example, has marked and complex carving lines that interpret the classic style with a great rigor design. A result obtained thanks to a particular pantographing process patented by the company.

The Freestyle lacquered interior doors, are part of the Modern line doors, expressing all their originality in the lines that “draw” the surface of the door.

Organic and natural shapes, or geometric and rational, in all shades of the RAL or NCS scales.

The door thus becomes a piece of furniture able to combine design and functionality, also thanks to the rasé frame, which allows the perfect coplanarity of the door to the wall, and the magnetic lock with latch independent from the closing magnet. The blockboard wood frame and the multilayer casing guarantee strength and a beauty that lasts over time, with a high resistance to humidity.

The Material line, on the other hand, are laminate doors that match very well with all the new finishes in the world of furniture and kitchens. You can choose from more traditional finishes in shades of white and gray to “concrete effect” or “wood effect” with real vertical or horizontal veins. Materic because many of these give a real material effect to the touch. The best known are the Isy and Isy Plus models. The Lovly models are coming from January … really in step with the current design of the furniture fair!

Minimal and essential but with fully customizable doors in multiple colors and finishes, Dierre interior doors with Filum frame use the flush-to-wall installation to obtain a wall with a continuous surface. In this way the door can disappear from view, perhaps covered with wallpaper, or be highlighted by playing on color contrasts. This is also due to the perimeter frame in extruded and oxidized aluminum- in pull or push version – both on normal masonry and on plasterboard.

Filum flush-to-wall soundproof interior door up to 34 dB on request, in both smooth and engraved versions.

While all the other models with hidden hinges, depending on the concentration on the content of the door (recycled fiber felt, perforated chipboard, linen wood) can achieve a soundproofing power of up to 36 dB.

Discover the interior doors

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