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November 2022 | News

Dierre: Architecture starts from the bottom with the Bottom Up Festival!

Dierre sponsor of Bottom Up: urban transformation starts from the bottom.

Dierre: Architecture starts from the bottom with the Bottom Up Festival!

Dierre is partner of the Foundation for Architecture of Turin as sponsor of the second edition of the Bottom Up! Festival: a great project of transformation of urban spaces that involves 8 design studios and as many places to be redeveloped in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta.

Parking lots, pedestrianized streets, artistic installations, gardens, courtyards and urban vegetable gardens were selected through the SPACE Spazi di Partecipazione al Centro of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation Center. The architect assumes the role of the mediator, translating the needs and desires of the community into a shared project.

"We felt a strong affinity with the idea of ​​triggering a process of transformation of the city starting from people, with projects designed for the community"

8 designers for 8 centers, of which 4 in Turin and 4 outside Turin (Biella, Ivrea, Groscavallo, Moncalieri).

Below, the combinations between places and designers:

SPAZIO HYDRO, in Biella combined with STUDIO CAVAGLIA’ (Gianfranco Cavaglià, Anna Rita Bertorello)

AREA BEPPE FERRANDOAREA 8 VILLAGES – SAN BARTOLOMEO / TRAVERSAGNA / RIVOTTI AREA, in Groscavallo, TO combined with the SOFT CITY COLLECTIVE (Grazia Carioscia, Valeria Federighi, Veronica Buratto)

ZAC! ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP ZONES in Ivrea, TO combined with KIEZ AGENCY (Annalaura Ciampi, Luca Vandini, Matteo Sergi, Enrica Perotti, Monica Malori Scauri)

MULTIFUNCTIONAL DON PIER GIORGIO FERRERO / PIAZZA D’ALLEO, in Moncalieri, TO combined with MA0 STUDIO D’ARCHITETTURA (Alberto Iacovoni, Luca La Torre, Ketty Di Tardo)


MUFANT – MUSEUM OF FANTASTIC AND SCIENCE FICTION TURIN, combined with STUDIO FLUDD (Marilivia Minnici, Eleonora Diana, Sara Maragotto)

MAGAZZINO SUL PO, Turin, combined with THIRD LANDSCAPE (Marta Bertani, Marianna Frangipane, Egidio Giurdanella)

VIA BALTEA | BARRIER WORKSHOPS – COMMUNITY HUB, Turin, combined with FRESCO COLLECTIVE (Emanuel Falappa, Marco De Vincentiis, Silvio Pennesi, Camilla Quesada Pinna, Giulia Damiani)

The crowdfunding campaigns of the second edition of Bottom Up officially open on October 14th!

Seven projects to transform the open spaces of civic centers in Turin, Biella, Groscavallo, Ivrea and Moncalieri into beautiful, inclusive and sustainable places.

Crowdfunding is for Bottom Up! a key tool, capable of giving everyone the opportunity to be an active part of the development of a project, to mobilize participation and resources and to stimulate ethical innovation in the profit world.

Discover the campaigns and donate here by December 16th.

At the beginning of 2023, a final festival will be an opportunity to present the results and take stock of the Bottom Up experience! as a way of urban regeneration.

Discover the projects

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