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November 2022 | News

Dierre takes you into the kitchen with Chef Mehdi El Omari. The synergistic relationship between industry, smell and taste.

Quality of raw materials, Passion, Craftsmanship, Innovation and Internationality. The art of cooking meets Dierre with Chef Mehdi. We'll explain you how!

In collaboration with Mehdi El Omari chef patron of the Mehdi restaurant in Casapautasso. Through craftsmanship and the choice of refined tastes and raw materials, not only Italian but also International, let’s rediscover together the gift of time and the senses. When industry meets craftsmanship and internationality, a wonderful sustainable, social, environmental, cultural and territorial development is activated that still few people are able to appreciate.

The patron chef of Mehdi in Casapautasso is the very young Mehdi El Omari. Born in 1990, Mehdi is climbing the road to success, trying to leave a mark in the restaurant world thanks to his creative dishes. Son of Moroccan parents, he grew up  without ever forgetting his bond with his homeland, where he returns periodically and whose scents, flavors and stories he keeps. Mehdi’s passion for cooking was acquired from a very young age, thanks to his father, who has always put him in front of the stove by introducing him to the products of his land, in an attempt to keep his Moroccan origins alive in him. Despite his very young age, Mehdi finds himself managing the kitchen of a historic structure, the Locanda di Casa Pautasso, which he has transformed, with a touch of personality, into “Mehdi a Casa Pautasso”. A tribute to the tradition of this place, which today opens the doors to a new cuisine, never tasted before.

"Refined, tasty dishes, the result of a creative flair and often characterized by a pinch of ethnicity, thanks to the use of ingredients from my land."
Chef Mehdi El Omari

Before Christmas 2022, the three panettone Safety, Innovation and Global are born. Each panettone is a value of the Dierre world, cared of in detail, the result of an authentic passion for quality, research and the safety of raw materials. The panettone are made with Master Pastry Chef Mattia Bosica, from the Les Plus Bon pastry shop (Tortoreto Lido – Teramo – Abruzzo) where he makes super healthy baked sweets. Bosica won the gold medal and a merit award at the World Championship for the Best Panettone in the World 2021, Innovation category with its whole flour panettone!

"When passion becomes art, each product is a masterpiece."
Vincenzo De Robertis


The known ingredient

Hazelnut panettone with apricots and dark chocolate.


Beyond the conventional

Panettone saffron, marsala osmosis raisins, brandy and sweet wines.


Between Morocco and Italy

Chocolate panettone, candied orange and red fruits.

"Creating healthy and tasty products is a great challenge, which at the moment we won: Our flagship is certainly the PANETTONE, a product you are tasting right now. "
Pastry Chef Mattia Bosica

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