10 good reasons to choose Dierre

Choosing the ideal security door is not easy, because you need to take care about different technical characteristics, without forgetting the design.
To help you in this choice, we have prepared a small guide with 10 good reasons to choose a Dierre door.

1 - More protection. And it is all certified

Security and certification class

Dierre doors hold the class 3, class 4 and class 5 international burglar-proof certifications. Besides the classification, they hold a further certification: a technical guarantee issued by IFT Rosenheim, a German independent body acknowledged at international level which carries out analysis, tests and research activities.

2 - It's worth changing

Tax allowances

Any Dierre security door you will choose, you can enjoy tax benefits. Even in 2020 the purchase of a new door allows in fact to take advantage of 50% tax allowances.

3 - Security at hand

Keys and home automation

With our locks and our simple and innovative solutions you increase the protection level while keeping the door appearance unchanged. You can choose between mechanical and electronic locks and you can enjoy the practicality of unlocking the door with no keys.

4 - You have all the items to feel secure

Frame and security details

Dierre doors are built with great attention to details: frame, hinges, grips and bolts are designed to guarantee the best performance. The frame is structured so as to make up a single unique block with the door leaf. Furthermore, the frame and the sub-frame designed with wrinkle paint make the doors more resistant to the weathering agents.

5 - You can create the ideal environment

Thermal insulation, thermal break and water and wind resistance

Thermal insulation, up to 0.6 W/m2K, guarantees less heat dispersion in winter and keeps the internal temperature in summer. Doors have a high-performing patented insulation structure. We can also produce them so that water infiltrations or draughts below the leaf threshold are not a threat anymore.

6 - Perfect structure, no damage


Thanks to the PVC frame, the Dierre doors, as well as blocking heat dispersions, allow to definitely solve condensation problems. This avoids the development of moulds and the paint damage in the structural parts.

7 - Leave the noise out

Sound insulation

Dierre security doors are designed with details which allow to create a real noise barrier and protect your home from annoying noises. The innovative patented structure of the leaf, the frame seal, the double draught-excluder sill, the fixed floor threshold and the “no air” plugs allow to obtain a U-value up to 46 db.

8 - Reliability even in case of fire


The Dierre technology allows to create test-approved fire-rated security doors able to block hot and cold fumes and flames. The Dierre doors comply with the strict standards of the UNI EN 1634 regulation and can be manufactured with different fire resistance times that go from 30 to 90 minutes to ensure safety even in case of fire.

9 - Nothing to five up to

Industrial doors with handcrafted details

With the Dierre doors you are guaranteed technologically innovative products without giving up the customization and care for details. We design prototypes and we produce them internally with sophisticated industrial technologies. Every reinforced door is fully by Dierre: locks, hinges, keys, grips, every detail is ours.

10 - Someone to rely on, always

After sales assistance

Once you have bought your door, you can rely on a network of experts all around Italy who can guarantee an assistance service and give useful advice for your door maintenance.