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Choosing Dierre means entrusting one partner for your home. We guarantee technological closure systems with an almost craftsmanship customization level, a unique quality and the highest standards in security tests. The perfect business card for your home.

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November 2020 | News

Technology, security and design. All in one key.

Find out how to open and close a new generation of security doors!

Technology, security and design. All in one key.

When looking for a door for your home, you need to be able to take several aspects into consideration. A door is composed of elements that often go unnoticed and that we do not consider very much. At Dierre, we independently manufacture all components, including hardware, so we are able to meet all of the needs of our customers and put high quality doors on the market, even internationally.

Over the past 45 years, 15 million families in Italy and around the world have chosen our doors thanks to a network of more than 5,000 dealers. In fact, every year we produce 200 thousand security doors, 80 thousand interior doors, 300 thousand locks and safes, and 25 thousand overhead doors, always focusing on the most advanced technology without sacrificing that special attention and craftsmanship, which is evidence of our long tradition and love for things done well.

This has led us to design new systems to revolutionize the opening of entrance doors and come up with keys that are inspired by automotive technology. Moreover, we have real virtual keys that take advantage of everyday tools such as smartphones. Our main pillars are research in style, versatility, and technology.

Dierre mechanical keys

Are you looking for convenience even when opening the doors to your house? Check out our mechanical keys!

JACK KEY – Think it’s your car keys? No, it’s your house keys!

A folding encrypted key that is characterized by its great design shape. Just like car keys, they in fact feature a built-in snap opening.

It matches the high-security New Power cylinder.

EASY KEY – Versatility and convenience in a key!

A traditional key with passive transponder to electronically open the lock when you are near the door.

It can be enabled to open either electrically or manually, and you can use it:

  • As a master key – to manage all electronic operations (e.g., registering new keys)
  • As a service key – to be used exclusively to open and close doors

It is combined with the D-Up high-security cylinder.

EASY KEY FOB – Welcoming home automation.

A remote-control key, configurable with the My Door app.

In addition to mechanical keys, to provide you with increased convenience, we provide you with other opening methods, such as the KEY CARD, a card with an embedded microchip the size of a regular credit card, the biometric fingerprint reader, and the numeric keypad.

High security cylinders

These cylinders are characterized by:

  • Desmodromic anti-bumping mechanism, which means that when the key is inserted into the cylinder, the gorges assume a single permitted position that corresponds to the key encoding. Thanks to this technique, the burglary technique called bumping is rendered ineffective.
  • Anti-handling trap mechanism (patented)
  • High-strength steel extension cord for modularity
  • Movable blocking elements
  • Drill protection
  • Rounded coupling (patent protection of the key blank)

To provide you with even more convenience, you only need to insert the key inside the cylinder without thinking about which side features the correct orientation; in fact, the two sides of the key are ambivalent!


Want to add more security to your home’s door? Choose the innovative defender, the D-Fendy, which increases protection against break-in attempts, and keeps the aesthetics and elegance of the door intact.

The D-Fendy is available as an extra on all new security doors and is compatible with the cylinders described above. It consists of an aluminum underplate that is directly attached to the door.

Again, we left room for evolution when we designed the D-Fendy Plus, a new generation defender that provides even more protection when faced with, for example, burglary attempts made with a drill.

A gateway to the future:

We always have our eye on innovation, which is why we designed Next Elettra: an electronic lock composed simply of a LED, which is controlled with the MyDoor App.

With a simple and intuitive interface, it is integrated with a bluetooth device. All you need to do is operate the opening and closing from your smartphone; in addition, from the app you can control access, receive alarm notifications, and communicate with Dierre to assess the condition of the door or for maintenance.

Next Elettra’s evolved system is paired with Dierre’s prestige door models, such as Sleek, the new security rasomuro door with the Macron 5.0 concealed hinge that draws inspiration from aeronautical engineering and 180-degree opening.

Watch the video to learn about all our components in the Hardware World!!

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