Dierre in six milestones. The history of all the Dierre know-how.


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January 2023 | Innovation

Dierre in six milestones.

The history of Dierre know-how in six milestones. Here you have the main technological innovations that brought Dierre to become the global leader  in the industry of safety: from the historical lock Mia to the most innovative lock safe and design solutions, which are about cylinders, defenders, keys, hinges, to the most sophisticated innovative opening systems and domotical accessorizes.  

Dierre in six milestones.

In 1986 Dierre acquired the patent for the Mia Lock with interchangeable block, the most commercially successfu project of the company, still firmly in the catalogue. An estimated 2 million have been sold worldwide. The basis of Mia’s success is its extreme ease of use. A useful operation in case you feel the doubt of a possible illicit duplication of the key or in cases where, at the end of lease, you want to own your property in peace or simply because the key has been lost. Mia allows you to do it simply, quickly and cheaply: the key to timeless success.

"Mia allows you to replace only the nucleus inside the lock by yourself and with a minimum cost without disassembling any detail of the door"
explains Nadia De Robertis, Italy sales director of the Dierre hardware division.

New Power e D-Up are the patented high security Dierre cylinders. When the correct key is inserted the gorges assume the only allowed position that corresponds to the key coding. If a specially modified key is inserted to allow the positioning of the gorges in more than one combination, it is recognized and blocked inside the cylinder (trap against manipulation). This system also makes these two cylinders safe against break-in with manipulation with a lock pick, moreover, in terms of how they work, they are both anti-bumping cylinders. Also made to measure, to adapt to any door thickness, these cylinders guarantee high performance in terms of security: desmodromic encryption, protection of the blank key, security against non-destructive burglaries, anti-drill protection, key profile control and resistance to burglary .

"Dierre has transformed a standard object like the key into the first business card of the door, making it a perfect synthesis between design and functionality."

The special Dierre keys are inspired by car keys, Jack Key and Easy Key are the flagships of the Dierre key range, combined respectively with the New Power and D-Up cylinders. Jack Key is reversible and has a snap opening, just like the car key, while Easy Key supports both manual and electric opening and in the latter case it can be used as a master key, allowing for example the registration of new keys. Like all the elements that make up the door, the keys are also made entirely in Italy, to guarantee the utmost care that Dierre puts into every detail and they can be duplicated only at Dierre authorized hardware stores called Dierre Key Points.

The D-Fendy defender is the first barrier against break-in attempts. It protects the door from the risk of cylinder breakage (anti-shock) and from break-ins with a grinder or drill. It consists of a new generation defender which is screwed onto an aluminum mounting plate fixed directly to the door, compatible with all Dierre locks and with the New Power and D-Up high-security cylinders. In the Plus version, D-Fendy is equipped with an anti-breakage and anti-puncture manganese ball and pad as well as a special mechanism that keeps the pad always in the correct position, increasing ease of use when inserting the key. In the Mag version, on the other hand, there is a magnetic flap that can only be opened using a specific key. And to protect the driveways, there is D-Fendy Garage which unlocks the motorized mechanism of the door using the same key as the armored door.

When security passes through invisible details such as the Macron 5.0 rototranslating hidden hinge. Apparently a detail, actually a fundamental element to ensure safety and performance of the Sleek security door. To develop the new Macron 5.0 hinge, the Research and Development department was inspired by the mechanisms that support the heavy doors of aircraft. Thus was born an invisible hinge that allows you to open the door to 180° and obtain a double closing stop that protects against noise and drafts, guaranteeing high insulating performance from the external environment. On an aesthetic level, the installation flush to the wall, by hiding the frame, makes the door stand out as a furnishing element or, on the contrary, hides it completely from view if a finish identical to the wall is chosen. Without forgetting performance: as standard, Sleek achieves Class 3 anti-burglary protection, thermal insulation of 1.6 W/(m2K) and noise reduction of 41 dB, which can be further improved to 1.2 W/m2K and 45 dB. The safety features are completed by four dedicated fixed bolts along the side of the hinges and two hook deviators controlled by the lock which, with the door closed, fit into the frame, preventing the sash from unhinging. 

The Bluetooth myRELAY and mySAFE systems are the latest innovation in the Dierre hardware sector. Advanced optionals for armored doors with Dierre motorized lock. myRELAY through the myDOOR app, allows you to manage the opening of automatic gates and locks with electric release via a voltage-free contact and enable other users (guests) to use Dierre Bluetooth remote controls from the “keyfob” family. Only requires 5-12V DC power supply. Anyone who already has a Dierre Next Elettra or Hibry Bluetooth door can use myRELAY through the myDOOR app to operate the remote controls and also open the gate. Available for Android and iOS. mySAFE is the new system based on Bluetooth technology for opening digital safes already equipped with electronic opening using a numeric keypad. To use it you need to have a smartphone or tablet with a Bluetooth connection. The system uses the most secure communication profiles provided by the Bluetooth standard, and implements advanced encryption schemes and algorithms that guarantee protection against the most common electronic and IT attacks such as DoS (Denial-of-Service) and MitM (Main-in-the -Middle). MySAFE can be integrated with the myDOOR system of Dierre locks.


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